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Bird Proofing At Height

The Challenge

Bird proofing at height was required as the occupants of the Deloitte building in Hamilton were facing the ongoing problem of birds nesting in their signs. This led to large amounts of bird poo trailing down the front entrance, bringing down the overall appearance of an otherwise immaculate building.

The sign is high up and tucked away nicely underneath a top floor overhang, this provides a perfect area for birds to live and build nests. Standard bird-proofing techniques have been attempted in the past with no success. For larger birds like pigeons, bird spikes work on building ledges but for smaller birds such as sparrows, they actually provide a structure for them to build their nests in. Also tried were high-frequency sound emitters that were not effective.

Bird Proofing Solution

Connect Access removed all previous bird-proofing  and installed Bird free gel discs

Bird Free gel assaults the senses of birds causing massive discomfort and proving the illusion of fake fire.

They are applied in low-profile application dishes, only 8mm high. One of its distinct advantages is that it deters birds from landing even when these dishes are placed behind the leading edge of a parapet or ledge. This makes the dishes invisible from ground level, thus preserving the aesthetic appearance of the sign, while at the same time keeping it clean.

”Bird Free” has long-lasting efficacy with no damage to buildings and facilities. Products contained in the gel form a film that prevents water from penetrating or evaporation from the ingredients over time.

The Result

Immediately after the installation birds were observed attempting to land but were unable to withstand the scent and would not land. Several months later no new nests have been built and no birds have been sited perching on the letters.

Using the gel discs was an extremely effective solution. As seen in the photo above, the discs are not visible from the ground allowing the sign to keep its original look without the clutter of bird spikes on top. With significantly less birds perching on the letters the frequency of building cleans can now be reduced and the office windows will no longer be covered in bird poo, giving back the residents their great views of the river.