Rope Access, Detail cleaning, Confined spaces

Rope Access Industrial Cleaning

The team at Connect provide rope access industrial cleaning services to multiple dairy sites throughout New Zealand. During the Winter season, many New Zealand dairy factories shut down to perform routine maintenance. This is an ideal time for our team to provide a detailed cleaning service before the next season ahead.

Hygiene control:

For dairy sites like Fonterra, food safety and hygiene is critical. They provide milk products safely to many countries around the world. The factories must be kept clean and free from pathogens at all times. Our team can enter the factory and access many out of reach areas. We use minimal equipment, therefore, reducing the risk of the introduction of pathogens. In addition, all of our equipment is sealed, cleaned and kept in spotless condition to prevent any cross-contamination between sites.

Industrial Access:

Due to the production layout, most dairy sites around New Zealand are very large and contain many areas that are hard to reach. consequently, many areas are not suited to conventional means of access. With Industrial Abseilers, we are able to access virtually anywhere inside the factory, in addition, we provide rope access industrial cleaning services wherever required.

Cleaning method:

Each situation is different and we cater our method to suit the task at hand. When working behind the Redline, our first step is to vacuum and remove any build-up. We then move to a high pressure or low-pressure washdown. Areas to be cleaned can then be scrubbed or wiped down with antibacterial cleaning agents. This destroys any harmful bacteria after that as a final precaution all areas are sanitised and wiped down to ensure the area is completely clean.

Abseil teams are a vital access method for many dairy factories in New Zealand. The importance of industrial hygienic cleaning is essential to maintain a pathogen-free environment for the production of milk and milk products. Due to the minimal equipment and team members required, we are able to maintain a high level of hygiene. We complete essential tasks and follow a cleaning method suited to the needs of individual sites.